MSNBC Pulls Out All the Stops in Its Latest Attack on President Trump


Is this what objective reporting is supposed to look like?

MSNBC claims to be one of the foremost “objective” media outlets in America.

And yet, their coverage of President Trump is so blatantly biased that they should honestly have their press credentials revoked.

It’s fine to offer commentary. Lots of folks do it.

But don’t at the same time pretend to be an unbiased source of news reporting.

That’s what hypocrite MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews does even as he claims live on air that Trump is “doing everything he can to destroy this country and its government so that he gets off scot-free.”

I mean, can you imagine the liberal outcry if a mainstream media anchor had said something similar about Obama?

Some conservative media voices did, and they were immediately blasted by liberal observers for doing so.

So, why does Matthews “get off scot-free,” to use his own words?

Via Breitbart

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