MSNBC Just Attacked US Military Veterans as ‘Dishonorable’


Enough is enough.

Our liberal mainstream media is way out of control.

A top on-air analyst over at MSNBC this week attacked as “dishonorable” any American military veteran who actually supports President Trump.

The thing is that a big majority of military personnel, both active duty and veterans, are Trump-supporters.

So, MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance is basically saying that most US military veterans are dishonorable.

Or, maybe it’s just that they’ve seen more of the world, and the horrible evil that exists out there, and are thrilled to finally have a president who isn’t afraid to really do something about it.

But, we digress.

Nance proclaimed his judgement upon such veterans because they continue to support Trump even though a few years ago he called into question whether or not John McCain should be considered a “war hero.”

While Trump has acknowledged McCain’s determination for surviving as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, he wondered if being shot down warranted hero status.

Nance suggested that to even question McCain’s credentials made Trump and anyone who supports him dishonorable, including other veterans who might be legitimate heroes.

I mean, do Nance and the other clowns in the mainstream media even bother to consider what they’re saying before they say it?

Some of the veterans he just disparaged fought in World War II, and performed unbelievable acts of bravery to ensure the world didn’t fall to tyranny.

And Nance calls them dishonorable to supporting Trump?

Via Breitbart

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