MSM Reporter Tried to Corner Sarah Sanders. That Was a BIG MISTAKE


Sarah Huckabee Sanders probably has the most frustrating, thankless and abusive job on the planet.

But she sure is proving herself to be one tough lady as she deals with increasingly raucous mainstream media reporters.

Sadly, her boss, President Trump, isn’t making the job any easier. Though, to be fair, he’s busy doing exactly what we elected him to do, without apologies and without reservations.

Still, when Trump fired off a bombshell tweet regarding the controversy surrounding former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, it was Sanders who had to weather the backlash.

To reiterate: Trump knew Flynn had lied, and that’s why he was fired. Now that Flynn’s confessed, Trump can publicly express his disappointment over the entire affair given that Flynn hadn’t actually done anything illegal (besides lie to the FBI).

Needless to say, the press had a field day with this one.

Particularly hard on Sanders was NBC reporter Hallie Jackson, who tried to back the White House press secretary into a corner:

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Jackson asked:

“I’m asking for a day. When did he find out? Was it when the announcement was made Friday, or was it prior to that?”

Sanders responded:

“Again, I’m not aware of the specifics. But I would refer you to John Dowd for that specific question. … Since it’s a legal matter, I’m not allowed to weigh in to.”

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Jackson was persistent:

“You have weighed in on other special counsel matters before. As just a statement of fact of when during the administration, what day the president discovered this lie issue?”

But Sanders had had enough:

“And I’m telling you, as a statement of fact, that you should contact John Dowd. Doesn’t seem that hard.”

Note to self: Do NOT push Sarah Huckabee Sanders into a corner. You WILL regret it.

H/T Independent Journal Review

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