MSM Goes On All Out Assault On President Donald Trump, But Their Own Words Come Back To Haunt Them


The Washington Post, claimed that President Trump knew more about coronavirus in January and February and should have done more.

U.S. intelligence agencies were issuing ominous, classified warnings in January and February about the global danger posed by the coronavirus while President Trump and lawmakers played down the threat and failed to take action that might have slowed the spread of the pathogen, according to U.S. officials familiar with spy agency reporting.

The intelligence reports didn’t predict when the virus might land on U.S. shores or recommend particular steps that public health officials should take, issues outside the purview of the intelligence agencies. But they did track the spread of the virus in China, and later in other countries, and warned that Chinese officials appeared to be minimizing the severity of the outbreak.

Taken together, the reports and warnings painted an early picture of a virus that showed the characteristics of a globe-encircling pandemic that could require governments to take swift actions to contain it. But despite that constant flow of reporting, Trump continued publicly and privately to play down the threat the virus posed to Americans. Lawmakers, too, did not grapple with the virus in earnest until this month, as officials scrambled to keep citizens in their homes and hospitals braced for a surge in patients suffering from covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

But the truth is, like every nation on planet Earth, no one could have prepared for what this pandemic has become.

And these are the same people who, when the president banned travel from China in January to halt the spread, called him a racist.

And MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow has joined others is saying that networks should not carry the president’s daily briefings.

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