Mother of teen killed by illegal drops 4-word Bombshell on Congress


We’ve shared with you the absolutely heinous story about the murder of Kate Steinle. A young American woman, a dreamer, gunned down by a criminal illegal immigrant, previously deported five times, in a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants, and a sanctuary state. And to know that this same criminal illegal immigrant was acquitted of murder, manslaughter, and federal felonious gun charges, and now walks free should incense every doggone American. But, sadly, it doesn’t upset or anger progressive socialists who prefer their ideological agenda of illegal immigrants over the safety of Americans, and the constitutional funding of our government.

Now, if the story of Kate Steinle doesn’t affect you, perhaps a reminder of this story will.

As reported by CNS News, “Laura Wilkerson, whose son Josh was brutally murdered by an illegal immigrant after school, told a House Immigration and Border Security Subcommittee … that she blames Congress for her son’s murder. 

“I did not put my kid in harm’s way when he went to school that day. You did. Every one of you is elected by an American. It is time for you to stand in the gap for Americans. I’m so tired of being up here and going over the same thing. You’re elected by Americans. Do something. It is your job,” said Wilkerson.

Wilkerson’s son was killed on Nov. 16, 2010, by an illegal immigrant – Hermilo Moralez – who asked for a ride home from Josh’s high school. Wilkerson said her son’s killer testified at the trial on how he “systematically killed Josh.” “First a punch in the face, so his vision was off. Next a knee to Josh’s abdomen so that he would go to the ground. Josh went to the ground as his spleen was sliced in half. This killer was aggravated that it was not over,” Wilkerson said in written testimony.

“He grew tired of watching bloody bubbles coming from Josh’s nose as he was trying to breathe. “Next he took a closet rod and beat Josh over the head again and again until the rod broke in 4 pieces. Joshua still breathing. Next he strangled him, let him go to see if it was over, nope, so he continued until there were no more bubbles. He waited and watched him die,” Wilkerson added. “He tied Josh’s body up, stuffed him in the backseat of our truck, bought gas, dumped Josh in a field and set his body on fire. The killer went home took a shower and went to see a movie,” Wilkerson said.”

The left is fond of tearing at our hearts and demanding compassion for their politically defined “dreamers.” But what about the dreams of young Joshua Wilkerson brutally killed by an illegal immigrant killer? The first and foremost concern for our Congress, our government, should be to protect our citizens. That should be the priority, and I’m not classifying all as Hermillo Moralez, but I am speaking up in defense of our children, our Joshuas.

Imagine the hurt felt by Ms. Laura Wilkerson, and the Steinle family, to know that we’re failing them…and all those who’ve lost their loved ones, American citizens, to illegal immigrants. And the constant retort from the left is that illegal immigrants do not commit most crime in America. There could be no more disrespectful comment to Ms. Wilkerson — that one crime committed savagely took her son away from her, her baby boy that she loved.

Are we now so callous in America to put the concerns and future of those here illegally over our own children? And please, stop with the tugging of the heart line about how these children were brought here and not of their own volition. I find it perplexing, — quite hypocritical — that the left claims to care so very much for these ideological agenda defined “dreamers,” yet they have no remorse in advocating for policies of ripping apart unborn American babies in the womb…guess those children have no dreams…even though science says they’re able to dream and feel pain, just as Joshua Wilkerson felt pain as he lay there gasping for breath, as his life slowly slipped away. And the greatest insult to the injury was that this wonderful young American boy was burned meaning his mother was denied even looking upon his face in death.

So no, I’m not going to prioritize illegal immigrant children over our own. We must feel the same way. We can rectify the situation for illegal immigrant children, but first and foremost, we MUST provide for the safety and security of our own. And Laura Wilkerson isn’t the only American parent who has lost their American child to an illegal immigrant. Maybe the Democrats should remember that, instead of being concerned about the “political future” of their party?

It’s very telling, don’t ya think, as my mom would say, “folks will know you by the company that you keep”…well, we know the Democrat Party by the folks who they prioritize, and seek to protect.”

God be with all of those who have been failed by our government, having had their lives and loved ones taken away from them by those here illegally.

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