Mother of Charlottesville Victim THANKS Trump, and Liberals Lose Their Minds


Liberals across America are blaming Trump for what happened in Charlottesville. But the people who have most reason to be angry are actually THANKING the president.

Mark Heyer and Susan Bro lost their 32-year-old daughter, Heather Heyer, after an alt-right activist ran her over with his car.

Heather was participating in one of several counter-protests against the “Unite the Right” event.

No doubt, liberals would have loved for Mark and Susan to become spokespeople against Trump and his alleged bigotry.

But they did just the opposite.

Striking a genuine Christian tone, Mark Heyer said he could offer nothing but forgiveness, and urged everyone else to do the same.

“My thoughts about all of this stuff is that people need to stop hatin’ and they need to forgive each other,” said Heyer.

After tearfully remembering the strong and compassionate woman his daughter was, Heyer said that he had forgiven the man who took her away. “I just think what the Lord said on the cross. Lord forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing.”

Now, if Mark Heyer’s reaction to his daughter’s death at the hands of a white supremacist left liberals frustrated, what her mother had to say really made liberals lose their minds.

In a statement published by NBC News, Susan Bro actually THANKED President Trump, whom liberals insisted hadn’t gone nearly far enough in condemning the alt-right, and was therefore complicit in the violence.

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“Thank you, President Trump, for those words of comfort and for denouncing those who promote violence and hatred,” wrote Susan Bro.

You see, unlike most liberals, Susan Bro was actually listening. Trump DID condemn what happened in Charlottesville.

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But he didn’t do it in the way liberals had wanted.

They wanted Trump to ONLY condemn the alt-right, while ignoring the fact that Antifa and other violent leftist groups had showed up with the clear intent of provoking the kind of confrontation that inevitably leads to bloodshed.

Trump condemned them ALL.

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