Mooney Wins West Virginia Primary, Handing Trump Another Win


Rep. Alex Mooney on Tuesday was projected to win the GOP primary in West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District, defeating Rep. David McKinley and handing former President Trump another win.

The Associated Press called the race at 9:12 p.m. ET.

Mooney, a hard-line member of the House Freedom Caucus, ran largely on his firebrand conservatism and Trump’s endorsement, which he won in November. McKinley, meanwhile, is more associated with the establishment wing of the GOP and ran a campaign focused largely on his vote for last year’s bipartisan infrastructure bill.

“I am honored the voters of West Virginia’s new 2nd congressional district have chosen me to carry the conservative banner as we begin the sprint to November. Tonight is a monumental night for West Virginians & I look forward to being their trusted conservative voice in Congress,” Mooney tweeted.

The two House members have served alongside each other but were lumped into the same district after the decennial redistricting process.

Mooney sought throughout the primary to make the race a contrast between him and someone whose conservative credentials he and Trump frequently threw into question.

Mooney and Trump often called McKinley a “RINO,” or Republican in name only, and castigated him over his infrastructure vote and vote to create a bipartisan panel to investigate the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol.

Trump in one ad for Mooney said McKinley “supported the fake infrastructure bill that wasted hundreds of billions of dollars on the Green New Deal” and promoted a “phony narrative” on Jan. 6.

Mooney has also called the infrastructure bill “Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s [D-Calif.] spending masterplan.”

McKinley, meanwhile, made the infrastructure vote a core part of his campaign, touting the $6 billion tha… (Read more)

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