Monica Lewinsky Revokes Hillary Clinton’s “Woman Card” – If She Wasn’t Finished Before, She is Now


When it rains, it pours. And for Hillary Clinton, it’s now pouring, in a very bad way.

In the very same week that we got confirmation it was Hillary, not Trump, with inappropriate ties to Russia, now she’s having her “woman card” revoked, too!

Hillary’s only real attraction to voters is that she’d be the first woman president.

But if, in today’s feminist society, she’s a woman who’s perceived to cover up and even facilitate the suffering of other women, well, Hillary’s in deeper trouble than she knows.

Hillary spent the past 10 months accusing Trump, among other things, of being “anti-woman.”

Then, we learn that one of Hillary’s long-time Hollywood buddies, Harvey Weinstein, is a disgusting pig of a sexist who’s been sexually harassing women for DECADES.

There’s no way Hillary didn’t know about that, and still she took Weinstein’s money and cozied up to him publicly as often as possible.

In a devastatingly simple move this week, Monica Lewinsky drove home the point of Hillary’s hypocrisy without even trying.

Remember, Lewinsky suffered sexual harassment at the hands of Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton, a fact that Hillary conveniently ignores any time she attacks Trump.

Lewinsky sought to remind Hillary of that inconvenient fact by retweeting the following:

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The Internet caught Lewinsky’s meaning right away, and responded in kind, to Hillary’s humiliation.

H/T American Journal Review

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