Monica Lewinsky Just Totally Exposed Bill & Hillary Clinton


If there’s one person who can truly expose the hypocrisy of the Clinton’s, it’s Monica Lewinsky.

For the past several years, Hillary has pranced about like some sort of feminist icon, even as she publicly trashed President Trump for his historically aggressive approach to women.

But, as we all know, whereas Trump might’ve once upon a time made some crass jokes, Bill Clinton is an actual rapist.

And Hillary stuck with him, not out of love and devotion, but because she needed Bill’s political successes attached to her name in order to advance her own career.

At any rate, the whole Clinton show just stinks, and for some reason they are given a pass by the public, or at least by the mainstream media.

Well, Lewinsky has had enough.

In a Twitter post, Lewinsky slammed Town & Country magazine for inviting her to an event, and then disinviting her when Bill Clinton decided to attend.

A number of conservative commenters used Lewinsky’s outrage to highlight the utter hypocrisy of liberals.

Wrote Twitter user Antonio bart:

“Ah the left.

“They want to be all about the #metoo movement, but when an abuser is more famous then the abused, they toss the abused to the side.

“Now do you all see why this all went on for so long?

They protect @BillClinton and push out @MonicaLewinsky”


H/T Western Journal

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