Moments After McCain Saved ObamaCare, Pence Marched On Stage & Took McCain Down Himself


Mike Pence had clearly had enough of the establishment Republican’s obstruction when he saw his fellow Republicans in the Senate once again refuse to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

The Failure was once again largely thanks to the efforts of Senators John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and this time Rand Paul.

To make Obamacare even less likely to be repealed, the week after next, the rules change in the Congress and Trump will need 60 votes to repeal and replace, 20% more votes than they need right now.

So, instead of biting his tongue, Vice President Pence took to the podium an went directly to the people and made a massive declaration, exposing the turncoat Republicans who refuses to do what they campaigned on.

“A vote against Graham-Cassidy is a vote to save ObamaCare. The Republican Majority in Congress, in particular, was not elected to save ObamaCare, they were elected to REPEAL and REPLACE ObamaCare. And it’s time for every member of the Republican Majority to keep their word.”


Vice President Pence is 100% correct.

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Time is running out for the Republicans to keep the promises that got them elected in the first place, so far they have failed every single time. As American Journal Review Suggested, ‘Let’s help Mike Pence light a fire under their asses so they get some actual work done by spreading this everywhere and showing them we will not vote for LOSERS to keep their jobs.’

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