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Mom warns AMERICANS after placing son in shopping cart. Next day, he almost died…


Vivienne Wardrop placed her 10-month-old son in a shopping cart for a quick shopping.

Just 24 hours after their grocery store trip, her son Logan fell very ill and was rushed to the local hospital.


For more than a week, the boy battled several illnesses, including meningitis.

After investigating where the child could have been in contact with the bacterial infection, doctors suspect the grocery store shopping cart. After the heartbreaking incident, Vivienne is strongly urging others to always sanitize shopping carts before putting their children inside.

Just 24 hours after the grocery store, Logan started vomiting. To make matters worse, he also had a high fever and severe diarrhea. “He had diarrhea everywhere,” she said. “I was trying to give him a bottle and he was vomiting.”



According to the Center of Disease Control, newborns and babies are at a greater risk for contacting meningitis.

Here are some symptoms to watch out for:

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Fever, headache, and neck stiffness

Irritation, lack of appetite, or inactivity

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