‘Moderate Muslims’ Don’t Want You to See This SHOCKING Video. Watch Before It’s Deleted


Our political leaders and the mainstream media are doing everything possible to create a separation between “radical” Muslims and “moderate” Muslims.

The problem is, that separation is phony, and so-called “moderate” Muslims admit as much. Why won’t we listen?

At an conference filled to the brim with young “moderate” Muslims – by no means the type anyone would accuse of being terrorists – some SHOCKING revelations were made.

The soft-spoken host lamented that critics claim it is only “radical” sheikhs who think the brutal methods prescribed in the Koran should be executed by Muslims against infidels today.

“These are general views that every Muslim actually has,” he insisted. “Every Muslim believes in these things. Just because they are not telling you about it, or just because they are not out there in the media doesn’t mean they don’t believe in them.”

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