MLB Moving All-Star Game to 76% White Denver, Leaving 51% Black Atlanta


To protest supposed racial inequities with regard to voting, Major League Baseball pulled the plug on its scheduled All-Star Game and annual draft in Atlanta, which is majority black, and will now host both events in Denver, which is overwhelmingly white.

What did lawmakers do?

They did something sensible. They passed a law that requires IDs for absentee ballots and they outlawed electioneering within 150 feet of the polls. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start.

Per the same source, 51 percent of Atlanta’s 506,811 residents are black, while 40.9 percent identify as being white. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, about 30 percent of Atlanta’s small businesses are black-owned.

Simply put, in order to stick it to alleged racism, Manfred and the rest of the spineless corporate suits in baseball just abandoned one of the country’s blackest major cities to surround themselves with white, liberal Subaru drivers in the high plains of Colorado.

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