Mitt Romney Could Face Censure For Voting To Convict Trump


Some Utah Republicans are rumbling in disgust over Republican Sen. Mitt Romney’s vote to convict former President Donald Trump during Trump’s Senate impeachment trial.

Although seven Republicans sided with Senate Democrats and voted to convict Trump, the total was far short of the number needed for conviction. Romney had also sided with Senate Democrats in Trump’s 2020 impeachment trial.

Louisiana Republicans have rebuked Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy for his vote against Trump, and pressure is building in Utah for some similar action, according to KUTV.

“I’ve gotten phone calls and emails, and I’m seeing a lot of chat on Facebook that people want to do a measure of censure against Sen. Romney, like we’ve seen against Liz Cheney in Wyoming, and the senator down in Louisiana,“ said Bob McEntee, a member of the Utah Republican Party’s State Central Committee.

Brandon Beckham, a GOP State Central Committee member who supported censuring Romney over his 2020 vote, said he “absolutely will” vote to censure Romney for this latest action if the party puts the question up to a vote.

“If the Republican Party doesn’t respond here in Utah, then we look weak, we look complicit. We aren’t doing our job,” he said.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, a petition to censure Romney is making the rounds among Utah Republicans. The petition reportedly slams Romney for “embarrassing the state of Utah” and says that he “appears to be an agent for the Establishment Deep State.”

Republican Richard Ott made the case for censure in an Op-Ed for The Tribune.

“Granted, Romney was right in the middle of the capitol riot. His life was in danger and was protected by a courageous police officer. He has been the subject of many personal Twitter attacks from Trump. It is also a fact that a majority of Utahns… (Read more)

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