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Missouri Duo Defending Home With Guns Identified As Lawyers


The Missouri husband wife due who pointed guns at protesters that were marching through their gated community have been identified by the Riverfront Times as personal injury attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey.

Per Business Insider, according to the website for the couple’s law firm, the McCloskey Law Center, they have been married for 30 years and have an adult daughter.

One video of the tense confrontation on Twitter has over 13 million views.

Per the Riverfront Times, a video recorded by freelance photographer Theo Welling for the Riverfront Times shows Mark, dressed in a pastel pink polo shirt and khakis, brandishing a rifle with an extended clip while Patricia, wearing black-and-white-striped top with capri pants, casually holds a small handgun.

The protesters were walking to Krewson’s house for a demonstration, part of the backlash the mayor is facing for broadcasting on Facebook Live the names and addresses of advocates for defunding the police department.

Multiple people marching tonight filmed the scene in front of the McCloskeys, and various angles show the couple sweeping their weapons in the directio… (Read more)

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