Missouri Attorney General Backing GOP Lawsuit Challenging Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballots


Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt will sign a court brief with other Republican attorneys general arguing in favor of a GOP lawsuit challenging mail-in ballots before the U.S. Supreme Court, a spokesman said Sunday.

The lawsuit by the Pennsylvania Republican Party protests the state Supreme Court’s decision to allow mail-in ballots three additional days to arrive, arguing the extension violates federal law and the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Supreme Court already turned away one GOP bid to quickly block the extension before the election, but the GOP has petitioned for a second review.

A spokesman for Schmitt’s office on Sunday confirmed the attorney general has joined the Republican Association of Attorneys General in filing an amicus brief, or legal argument that can be filed by someone who isn’t a party in the case, but has an interest in the outcome. Schmitt’s spokesman would not release more details.

The Association, which is chaired by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, said in a statement that it would announce the brief in a press conference Monday including Schmitt and attorneys general from Oklahoma and Kentucky…. (Read more)

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