Miss USA Just Did Something to Offend All Muslims Besides Put On a Bikini


Rima Fakih made waves, especially among liberals, when she became the first Muslim women to ever be crowned Miss USA when she took the title in 2010.

Now, Fakih is making waves among a different audience, though it is still very much about her religion.

Last year, Fakih converted to Christianity. She’d never really been into the whole “Islam” thing, and was going to marry a Christian music producer from Lebanon.

So, she became a Christian.

Not only that, while Fakih had earlier said she wasn’t much of a Muslim, after becoming a Christian, her faith seemed to mean a lot more to her.

Shortly after her conversion, Fakih tweeted an iconic verse from Philippians:

Muslims had already condemned Fakih back when she was a fellow Muslim for entering the Miss USA pageant.

Now, she’s got a price on her head.

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According to Sharia Law, the penalty for converting away from Islam is death.

Source: Christianity Today

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