Minimum Wage Crusaders Just Got Folks Fired, and Made Wall Street More Money. Bravo…


Liberal Democrats aren’t just hypocrites. They’re idiots.

In a movement involving the party’s top congressional leadership, Democrats have been pushing hard for a $15 minimum wage.

Well, one of the country’s biggest corporations just gave its response, and it is NOT good news for all those unskilled laborers the Democrats were trying to champion.

In fact, it’s the opposite of good news.

McDonald’s decided that rather than pay exorbitant salaries for a job that machines could do, they’d just replace those particular employees with…machines.

In thousands of McDonald’s restaurants across the nation, cashiers have been replaced with ordering kiosks.

Customers can now easily and quickly tap a large touch screen to make and pay for their order.

The move has saved McDonald’s BILLIONS of dollars.

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On top of that, the company’s shares rallied 26 percent, giving McDonald’s a major boost on Wall Street.

Not exactly the outcome our genius liberal friends were looking for.

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