Military Veterans Have a SERIOUS PROBLEM With Obama’s Pardons


President Obama is busy pardoning any and every serious criminal and terrorist he can think of. Meanwhile, veterans are wondering if he’ll ever look their way.

One veterans group, Vietnam Veterans of America, noted that a lot of veterans are being denied care, services and other opportunities because of symptoms related to PTSD. And they could use those presidential pardons.

But Obama would rather set free Chelsea Manning.

Manning was convicted of leaking sensitive military and diplomatic information that put American lives at risk. She was sentenced to 35 years in prison, but Obama feels she should be freed this coming May.

Meanwhile, the military-hating Obama doesn’t even give a second thought to veterans who need help.

“As pardons are being issued to people who have been convicted of serious felonies, veterans who served their country in combat wait to be offered the same clemency,” said the group’s president, John Rowan.

There are a great many veterans with undiagnosed PTSD who were dishonorably discharged for behavior that can be linked to the condition. But because they were never diagnosed, these men and women, despite having risked so much for their country, are denied services by the Veterans Affairs Department.

A presidential pardon would clear up the situation.

“We hope that President Obama, in the final hours of his presidency, will do right by his troops by helping bad-paper vets with PTSD,” said Rowan. It was probably wishful thinking…

Source: Washington Examiner

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