Mike Tyson’s Announcement Has Jaws Hitting the Floor Across America


The late 1980s were a heyday for professional sports in America. Everything was more simple, more pure, and just plain fun.

While there were a lot of champions to admire, none reigned more supreme over their respective sport than Mike Tyson.

Only a fool would bet against Tyson at his prime.

So dominant was he, that the biggest sports video game phenomenon at the time was “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out” on the original Nintendo.

While other sports were represented with generic titles like “Baseball” and “Ice Hockey,” Tyson was one of the few professional athlete back then to have a top-tier video game dedicated to his stunning career.

The game was so popular that it in turn won Tyson a lot of new fans he might not otherwise have had. Kids who got hooked on boxing via “Punch-Out,” kids who would then get their parents to pay for access to the next fight or buy Tyson merchandise.

It was huge.

And now, we learn that Tyson himself HATED the game.

From TMZ:

Mike Tyson says he was definitely NOT a fan of “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out” when it was first released for Nintendo … 30 YEARS AGO!

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Yep, it was Oct. 18, 1987 when Little Mac began his 8-bit quest for boxing supremacy … taking on guys like Bald Bull, King Hippo, Don Flamingo, and of course, Iron Mike Tyson.

We spoke with Mike about how the game has become a cultural phenomenon — and he dropped this bombshell on us … he hated it when it first came out!!

Tyson was super candid with Harvey Levin during a taping of an upcoming episode of “OBJECTified” (airs Sunday nights at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST on FOX News Channel) … revealing how he came to love the NES game over time.

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