Mike Pence Perfectly Foresees How Trump Will Get Back At GOP For Obamacare Betrayal


The Democratic party and Obama are enjoying their miserable victory over the Obamacare repeal bill. Folks, stay calm … this won’t last long!

In an interview with Tucker Carlson of Fox News Vice President Mike Pence perfectly forsees what Trump will do to the hapless GOP.

Pence said, 

“That’s pretty typical of Washington, isn’t it? You, more often than not, see one set of rules for the American people and another set of rules for the political class here in our nation’s capital. but as we move forward, the point is that whether the president makes a decision, it would be his decision whether to rescind that special treatment for members of Congress and their staffs.”

Folks, did you read that? The time of double standards is over! The Law is equal for everybody.

He went on to say, “What we want is a health care system that works for all of the American people.”

Pence explained that one element of health care reform should be cheaper coverage. “I think the primary goal first is to give people freedom over their own health care choices again,” said Pence.

Pence said that the Trump administration intends to keep its promise to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

Partial transcript follows:

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CARLSON: But if after a year or two of giving people more choices, millions fewer Americans had health insurance, would that be worth it?

PENCE: Well, it’s — it’s — the very essence of living in a free society is people get to make their own decisions. But the president and I truly believe that if you lower the cost of health insurance, if you give Americans more choices in health insurance, that more Americans will choose, more employers will choose, to have and offer health insurance to their employees and have health insurance for their families.

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