Mike Pence Makes Bombshell Revelation About What’s Really Going On Inside Trump White House


Get ready for a major backlash against President Trump.

Vice President Mike Pence last week opened up about something that’s happening inside the Trump White House on a regular basis, and certain people are NOT going to like it.

Prayer. Prayer is happening inside the Trump White House. And it’s happening a lot.

Furthermore, Trump himself is initiating the prayer more often than not.

Now, Trump’s true commitment to the Christian faith has been questioned, but a guy who didn’t believe in the power of prayer wouldn’t be asking those around him to pray so often.

And that’s just what Trump is doing, according to Pence during his recent interview with CBN News:

“There’s prayer going on on a regular basis in this White House. And it’s one of the most meaningful things to me, whether it’s public meetings or not, I’ve lost count of the number of times that the president has nudged me, or nudged another member of the Cabinet and said, ‘Let’s start this meeting with prayer.'”

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