Mike Pence: ‘Biden-Harris Administration Is Already Rolling Over’ To China


Former Vice President Mike Pence, while speaking at the Heritage Foundation’s annual B. C. Lee lecture on international affairs on Wednesday, took aim at the Biden-Harris administration for already “rolling over” for “Communist China.”

Pence had said during his speech that “the debate is settled.” He wanted to emphasize that the Trump-Pence administration had proven to the world, and now “millions of Americans acknowledge,” that “the Chinese regime harbors adversarial intentions toward the United States and our allies.” Pence added, in the “wake of a devastating worldwide pandemic compounded by Beijing’s lack of transparency,” the American people now know that “Chinese leaders cannot be trusted.”

Additionally, he said millions of Americans can see today that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) does not want to just be a part of the “community of economically developed nations,” but they intend to “sit atop a new global order created in its own image.” Pence said their goal would be “a world in which freedom is constrained, but Beijing power is not.”

Despite former President Donald Trump and Pence’s attempt to awaken the world and the American people, he said the Biden-Harris administration is already trying to turn back the clock on the American people. He said the “the Biden-Harris administration is already rolling over to communist China.” Under President Joe Biden, the United States has already rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, which he said allows “China to pollute with impunity.”

The United States also rejoined the “Chinese-controlled World Health Organization without demanding a single concession in the wake of failures throughout the pandemic,” and terminated the Trump administration’s investigation into the origins of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. However, Pence noted the Biden administration soon reversed their course on an investigation into coronavirus origins.

Pence strongly said that “America cannot afford to stand still in writing our relationship with China.” He said it is important for the “Biden administration to keep up the pressure, pick up the pace, and lead America forward because China is pursuing its global ambitions more aggressively than ever before.”

Pence also mentioned that “China senses weakness in this new administration.” Pence said the Chinese views were echoed during the first face-to-face meeting the Biden administration had with the Chinese diplomats when they used an aggressive tone. He describes the meeting as lecturing the Americans “on the shortcomings of our democracy, the foolishness of American values, and the so-called superiority of China’s authoritarian system.”

When it comes to what the Biden administration needs to do to protect America’s vital interests and further the Trump administration’s work, Pence had six steps for the Biden administration.

Pence said, “First, the United States must demand that China come clean about the origins of the coronavirus.” He said there is evidence out there that strongly suggests that coronavirus “leaked” out of a Chinese lab. Pence explained that after “four million deaths around the world and a year of unspeakable hardship,” everyone deserves to know what the CCP knew and when they knew it.

The former vice president added that “under no circumstance should the United States allow public or priva… (Read more)

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