Mike Huckabee Just Spilled the Beans About Trump’s Foreign Policy… Obama NEVER Did THIS!


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in Washington to meet with Trump, while Mike Huckabee is in Israel giving the Jewish state a heads-up on what it can expect from the president.

And liberals are NOT going to like it.

Speaking at an event in the Jewish settlement of Psagot, Huckabee said:

“[Trump] certainly has his hands full right now with things in the US. But, I have not gotten any indication that the president has in any way dialed back his commitment, whether it’s to move the Embassy, certainly to stand with Israel, to do everything possible to destroy the Iranian deal, I think all of those things are still very much front and center for this administration.

“I think we’re going to recognize that Jerusalem is the legitimate capital of Israel, it should be a united city. I hope this all happens sooner rather than later.”

Huckabee explained that for the time being, the centerpiece of any talks between Trump and Netanyahu is going to be Iran.

“I’m sure they’re going to talk most prominently about Iran, and the threat that it poses not just to Israel but to the United States,” he said ahead of Wednesday’s meeting at the White House. “I have to believe that the center-point of the conversation will be about Iran.”

And whatever the outcome, it’s going to be a big win for Israel over the past eight years.

“I think the fact that the Obama administration is out of office, that is good news for Israel,” Huckabee continued. “Because they’ve been terrible, absolutely horrible for Israel. If Donald Trump doesn’t do anything, it’ll be better for Israel. But I think he’s going to take a number of very positive steps that will show the world that the US is truly aligned as an ally of the State of Israel.”

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