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Michigan Man Desecrates American Flag, Now Faces American Justice


A Michigan man trying to make some kind of sick point shamefully desecrated an American flag and hung it over a highway overpass.

He’s now realized what a monumental mistake that was.

The flag was spray-painted with a large swastika and displayed for all the residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan to see.

The stunt has all the hallmarks of the radical “alt-left” Antifa movement that claims America has become a fascist nation under President Trump.

Regardless of this man’s motivation, local police are determined to put him behind bars, and the general public has enthusiastically signaled its willingness to help in that endeavor.

Fortunately, police also have a description of the vile perpetrator.

From WOOD 8 News:

The man is described by police as being in his 20s with black hair and wearing a leather jacket. Police said he was seen walking in the grass down toward the highway.

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The flag was seen over I-196 on the Coit Avenue overpass Monday morning. Grand Rapids police said officers were called to the overpass around 6:52 a.m., and the flag was removed approximately 10 minutes later when officers arrived.

Grand Rapids Police are requesting any information the public can provide to help bring this man to justice.

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