Michelle’s Rule To ‘Hang Out’ With Her Family: ‘Be Vaccinated’


Former first lady Michelle Obama said on Monday’s broadcast of “CBS This Morning” that people must be vaccinated against the coronavirus to “hang out” with her family.

Co-host Gayle King said, “We’re still dealing with COVID. We are now going into year two. I remember you wrote candidly about feeling a low grade of depression. How did you get through that, and how did that manifest itself for you? I think a lot of people felt that.”

Obama said, “Well, and that’s why I thought it was important to say it out loud because to not feel depressed with all that was going on?”

King said, “It would be what’s wrong with you?”

Obama said, “Sort of like, you feel okay in all of this? You know, sometimes we just need to speak the truth. You know, when there’s such uncertainty and unrest and lack of leadership and calm, it is upsetting. It shakes you. But the point is that, you know, there are dips, ebbs and flows to life.

There are times when you feel great and times when you feel really low. But it’s important for us to own that that happens to us. For me, you know, I have developed my own set of tools. Numb… (Read more)

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