Michelle Obama’s Minions Slandered Melania Trump on TV… GOT A BRUTAL RESPONSE


Michelle Obama is such an egomaniac that she was positive Melania Trump would be a far worse First Lady than she was. That’s why it has come as such a brutal surprise to Michelle that Melania has been earning rave reviews since she took over the position.

On Tuesday, Michelle’s minions in the mainstream media tried to humiliate Melania when they bashed her for wearing high heels as she boarded Air Force One to head to Texas to check out the devastation there caused by Hurricane Harvey.

However, Melania silenced Michelle and her other liberal minions as soon as she set foot on Texas soil.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Melania emerged from Air Force One wearing flats paired up with a crisp white dress shirt and black pants. The subdued outfit made it clear that Melania is in Texas to do as much good there as she can, not to make herself look glamorous.

However, despite the fact that Melania was dressed rather plainly, she still looked as beautiful as ever. This just goes to show that our current First Lady can pull off pretty much any look, much to Michelle’s dismay!

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