Michelle Obama Says the UNTHINKABLE on Jimmy Fallon


First Lady Michelle Obama made her final television appearance on Wednesday, and it was a doozy.

There was little surprise in how host Jimmy Fallon and several other celebrity guests gushed over Michelle.

Nor was there any surprise in her self-righteous remembrance of her husband’s presidency.

What was surprising was just how hypocritical Michelle Obama could be.

After weeks of trashing Donald Trump and his family and decrying what she called America’s bleak future, Michelle now wants us to believe that she wants only the best for the president-elect?


Just a week before the presidential election, Michelle took a jab at Trump by telling Hillary Clinton supporters, “We need and adult in the White House.”

After Trump won, Michelle tearfully told Oprah Winfrey, “Now we’re feeling what not having hope feels like.”

Earlier she had quipped about losing her job to an immigrant in reference to the fact that Trump’s wife, Melania, is foreign born.

And now Michelle Obama wants us to believe she’s all in on the Trump presidency?

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“This democracy is not about party. We’re all trying to get things done,” she told Fallon. Right, that’s why you’ve been slamming conservatives at every opportunity.

“It is not about demonizing the other side,” Michelle continued. We’re not sure if she actually believed her own words. “We’re trying to emulate that decency. We’re going to be supportive to the Trump administration.”

Again, please.

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