Michelle Obama is PISSED… Trump Just DESTROYED Something She Loved


President Trump is determined to wipe away the stain of the Obama presidency, and that includes the little misadventures of Michelle.

She wasn’t only classless and obnoxious. Michelle Obama also had no clue how to make America better.

But Trump knows exactly how he is going to make America GREAT!

And it starts with demolishing anything and everything that the Obama’s put in place.

Including Michelle’s ridiculous “healthy” school lunch program.

The former First Lady made such a big deal about the school lunch program. She was just SOOOO proud of it.

But it was a joke from the start, and students all over the country were trying to tell her so.



Trump administration officials are indicating that executive orders are forthcoming that will put an end to Michelle’s nasty lunches.

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And given how fast this president works, you can bet the order will be given any day.

You can almost hear American students across the country cheering…

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