Michelle Obama is Again Making Headlines For All the Wrong Reasons


Former First Lady Michelle Obama — the most obnoxious, arrogant and misbehaved person to ever fill that role — is again making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

It seemed innocent enough (besides once again demonstrating that the Obamas are snobs with no genuine connection to the average America).

Michelle attended the birthday gala of her celebrity buddy Beyonce. Lots of other celebrities were in attendance, and all paid homage to Beyonce by dressing up like the pop star in one of her recent videos.

Including Michelle Obama. Formerly the most powerful woman on earth. Fawning over a pop star like some wide-eyed teenager.

And they have the gall to call Donald and Melania Trump unpresidential.

The Hill reports:

Beyonce posted a photo spread featuring Obama, tennis star Serena Williams, her eldest daughter Blue Ivy Carter and other friends and family members on her website.

All the girls and women are seen mimicking Beyonce’s look in her 2016 music video “Formation,” sporting a hat covering their eyes, an ornate necklace and braids in the black and white photographs.

Obama and Beyonce have touted their close relationship over the years, speaking admiringly of their friendship and one another on several occasions.

Standing by and celebrating with your friends is one thing. Acting like a sorority girl when you’re 53-years-old and the former First Lady of the United States is just undignified.

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