Michelle Obama Caught Doing THE UNTHINKABLE! Watch CAREFULLY!


It’s no secret that Michelle Obama has enjoyed spending millions of our tax dollars on herself during her husband’s presidency, but even we didn’t think she’d go this far.

Michelle has reportedly found herself in hot water this week after classified documents leaked revealing that she has been illegally funneling money to her mother and daughters.

Mad World News reported that during Michelle’s many extravagant vacations, she put in for reimbursements to be paid out to staffers who accompanied her.

These documents have just revealed that these “staffers” actually included her daughters, Sasha and Malia, and her mother, Marian Robinson.

This means that not only did they get a free vacation, all three of the women GOT PAID for it with OUR tax dollars!

“According to an Air Force flight passenger manifest for the multi-million dollar trip, which included multiple days of sightseeing and a family safari, Michelle listed her daughters as ‘Senior Staff,’” White House officials told True Pundit.

Here’s the classified list from Michelle’s trip to Africa:


Michelle thinks she’s already gotten away with this, but we’re about to prove her WRONG!

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