Michelle Obama Can’t Believe What Saudi King Gave Melania


Barack and Michelle Obama think they brought our country forward, but all they did was hold it back.

They held it back from growth, and they also held it back from having the kind of positive influence and impact on the world that America stands for.

Call it the “Trump Effect,” because this president is already accomplishing things that Barack Obama never could, and he’s doing it without trying.

What Saudi King Salman did to First Lady Melanie Trump as she stepped off Air Force One in Riyadh is proof of that.

Michelle Obama talked a big game when it came to women’s rights. But she didn’t actually do anything.

Melania, like her husband, didn’t even have to try.

Giving her the respect that devout Muslims typically reserve only for men, King Salman took Melania’s hand and shook it.

And he did so knowing that he’d infuriate most Muslims around the world.

But he more afraid of upsetting Trump.

That’s the kind of power and influence America needs to project.

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And it’s what the Obamas simply could NEVER bring to the table.

H/T Conservative Fighters

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