Michelle Gets Some AWFUL News In Her Final Days In White House…


Michelle Obama got some devastating news this week when she learned that yet another school had dropped out of her precious school lunch program. This time, the school in question was located in New Mexico.

EAG News reported that the Monte del Sol charter school dropped out of Michelle’s school lunch program because school officials contend government subsidies that come with participation aren’t enough to cover expenses.

Head Learner Robert Jessen explained that the school recently issued a notice to parents informing them that they could no longer afford to pay the roughly $40,000 a year cost to provide free- and reduced-price lunches for needy students through the National School Lunch Program.

“We receive $3 from the federal government for each free lunch we serve,” he wrote to parents in December. “However, it costs more to serve that lunch. For the last several years the school has been able to pay the difference, but this year we can not.”

Monte del Sol is just one of hundreds of schools all over America that has dropped out of the program since Michelle forced the U.S. Department of Agriculture to impose strict regulations on calories, sugar, fat, sodium, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Many of the schools have cited cost in dropping out, while others have said being in the program is a waste since most students refuse to eat the disgusting meals they are forced to offer.

This is just the latest in a long line of failures by Michelle Obama as first lady.

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