Michael Moore Protests Trump in NY, Gets BRUTAL Wake-Up Call


Dingbat documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has been at the forefront of anti-Trump sentiment in recent weeks.

On Saturday, he showed up in Trump’s hometown to protest against our new president.

Bad idea.

While Moore did urge people to accept the reality that Trump is the president, he vowed to fight him every step of the way.

Moore even went so far as to state that the only way Trump could ever appeal to liberals like him is to step down. The man hasn’t even been president for a full 24 hours, and this windbag won’t give Trump a chance.

This brand of radical liberal doesn’t actually care about the American economy or even equality. As Moore suggested, even if Trump brings about greater gender equality than America has ever known, all he wants is for the president to resign.


And New Yorkers let Moore know exactly how unimpressed they were.

“No more Michael Moore,” chanted one woman.

“F–k you, you piece of s–t,” shouted another man, as Moore walked past.

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Probably a little less support than Moore had been expecting.

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