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Michael Moore Is Again Threatening Trump; He Needs To Be STOPPED


Radical liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is looking to make himself the ringleader of the anti-Trump movement.

He has posted a series of instructions on how his followers can disrupt Trump both before and after he takes office. And some of them could easily lead to violent unrest.

Moore encouraged his followers on Facebook that real impact against Trump could still be achieved even before the inauguration.

“All hands on deck! Brush your yourself off and let’s get busy because: a) All hope is not lost; b) There are more of us than there are of them; and c) The roadside is littered with the ended careers of self-absorbed, narcissistic politicians whose arrogance led them to do things that caused their early resignation or impeachment. Don’t think that can’t happen here,” he wrote.

He wants people from across the country to swarm Washington, DC on January 20 and “non-violently disrupt” the inauguration.

But we all know that as soon as the police prevent these liberals from getting anywhere near Trump, all hell is going to break loose.

Should Trump succeed in taking the oath and becoming our next president, Moore has additional instructions.

First, his followers should approach their local lawmakers. If they are Democrats, demand they “fight the Trump agenda.” If they are Republicans, threaten to “unseat them in 2018.”

More worrying is that Moore wants his followers to pressure the Democratic National Committee to make Muslim congressman Keith Ellison its new chairman.

That would put the Democratic Party on an even far more radical course than it’s currently on.

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While Trump is in office, Moore hopes to form a “rapid response team” across the country to disrupt any and all policies and decisions with which he disagrees.

It doesn’t matter to this maniac if a majority of Americans DO agree with Trump. If he doesn’t, then subversion is the order of the day.

Source: Washington Examiner

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