MI Lt. Governor Claims Republicans Don’t Want Black People To Vote


Michigan Lt. Gov. Garland Gilchrist (D) told a predominantly black church Sunday that Republicans are pushing election integrity reforms because they really do not want black people to vote.

Republicans in Michigan recently proposed the idea of a petition drive to force a legislature to vote on a series of election reforms designed to increase ballot security. If a sufficient number of signatures are obtained, a legislative vote would be held, and if the measure passes, it becomes law without the governor’s signature.

Gilchrist claimed that he asked by an attendee at Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church in Westland what the state could do “to not become another Georgia,” an apparent reference to election reforms recently enacted there.

“It’s really disgusting,” he said, “and to me, what it says is 1. Republicans are scared of you voting. Period. Republicans are scared of people who look like us voting,” he told Sunday morning congregants.

“And that is happening at a level that it hasn’t happened in a really ever, actually,” Gilchrist declared, “in this past presidential election and they’re so scared they decided, you know, you don’t y’all to vote any more and so we want to make it more difficult for people who look like you to do so.”

Gilchrist told church goers if the legislatures passes election reform bills, “We will not let it come into law.”

He said he expects Republicans to play “games” to “try to get around that power that the people of Michigan gave us and we’re prepared to respond to that.”

The Michigan Constitution affords citizens “the power to propose laws” by initiative:

Any law proposed by initi… (Read more)

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