Mexico Tries to Get Revenge on Trump, But Gets RUDE WAKE-UP CALL Instead


Mexico and millions of its citizens who have entered the US illegally want to get revenge on President Trump for finally enforcing our laws.

But a new bill introduced in the Mexican government targeting Trump was revealed to have one FATAL flaw.

Illegal immigrants and their liberal champions on this side of the border have begun pressuring Mexican lawmakers to “stop buying corn from the United States in response to Trump administration policies they see as hostile toward Mexico and undocumented immigrants.”

Whether or not that particular campaign influenced him, Mexican Senator Armando Rios has taken up the charge and introduced legislation to completely end all import of US corn within three years.

Rios’ main beef with Trump is his determination to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, which Trump says is unfairly skewed in Mexico’s favor.

The problem for all those trying to protest Trump in this way is that American corn farmers don’t NEED to sell to Mexico.

In fact, they have such a surplus at present, that they are selling the corn to our southern neighbor BELOW COST.

In other words, halting the export of corn to Mexico would actually SAVE them money, at least in the short-term.

The other thing to remember is that corn can be shipped to Mexico en masse from the United States rather cheaply.

Any other supplier is going to charge Mexico a LOT more money to deliver all the corn it needs.

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So, Mexico, go right ahead and boycott cheap American corn. I’m sure that will do wonders for your failing economy.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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