Mexican Journalist Exposes Uncomfortable Truth About Migrant Caravan That the MSM is Trying to Cover Up


The mainstream media in America is too busy exploiting the migrant caravan to bash Trump to report what’s actually going on with it.

Maybe because what’s really going on is nothing good, and reporting on it would ruin the whole narrative by proving that TRUMP IS RIGHT!

But over in Mexico, where the caravan is already causing havoc, the local media is all over the story.

Alex Backman, a journalist working for Conciencia Radio in Tijuana, hoped to inform more Americans with an English-language report he posted to social media:

Backman paints a pretty bleak picture by reporting on numerous incidents of looting, carjacking and even rape by the members of the caravan.

It’s simply unbelievable that liberals continue to champion these people, regardless of how much they might dislike Trump.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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