Mexican Cops Report Record-Breaking Child Smuggling Busts Near Texas Border


Authorities in the border states of Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon are stopping human smuggling attempts in unprecedented volumes with particular focus on teens and children being moved. The apprehensions occur as U. S. authorities report substantial overcrowding in their detention facilities.

The smuggling attempts take place along the highways connecting the border cities in Tamaulipas with central Mexico. Since the beginning of 2021, officials started seeing a spike in larger groups of Central American migrants in tractor-trailers or other cargo vehicles headed north.

According to Mexico’s federal government, in January they detained 9,574 migrants (a number that is listed as 32 percent lower than the previous year). However, in Tamaulipas, authorities detained 2,300 migrants in January and February, a figure that according to El Manana, is 70 percent higher than the previous year.

The border city of Reynosa is seeing the bulk of the migrant apprehensions with 1,468 in that time frame. Figures for March are not yet available. This week, three migrants were injured in an apparent shootout between cartel gunmen and police officers. The migrants were allegedly riding in one o… (Read more)

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