Mexican Cartels Spying on US Cops. We Need Trump’s Wall, NOW!


The seven Mexican cartels that control the enormous illicit drug market in the US are today so rich and powerful that they’re acting almost as independent foreign powers.

The Mexican authorities don’t have the power, or will, to deal with them. And years of liberal policies have hamstrung our own law enforcement along the border.

So serious has the situation become that some of these cartels are now running surveillance against AMERICAN police with the aim of eliminating threats to there vile businesses.

From Breitbart:

A Mexican transnational criminal group aligned with the Sinaloa Federation (Sinaloa Cartel) is performing a surveillance operation on U.S. soil against U.S. law enforcement personnel.

The cartel is attempting to identify U.S. law enforcement agents’ confidential informants so that the sources can be murdered.

The operation is occurring in southern Arizona, according to a warning classified as law enforcement sensitive (Police Sensitive/Unclassified) that was issued by the FBI.

President Trump’s planned border wall will solve a lot of problems.

Including keeping these monsters out of America.

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