Mexican Cartels Have Frightening New Way to Smuggle Drugs Into America


President Trump’s Mexico border wall can’t be built soon enough.

But, as effective as it’ll likely be in curbing illegal immigration, it would seem that the drug cartels are already one step ahead of us.

Mexican authorities conducting a drug bust near the border between Mexico and Arizona recently discovered a new method being used to bring illicit drugs into the United States.

Fearing that Trump will soon significantly bolster the defenses, drug runners are now using bazookas – yes, bazookas – to fire packets of marijuana and other harder narcotics across the border.

From Conservative Fighters:

Mexican drug cartels have created an array of weapons to fight strengthened border patrols in order to get drug into U.S. from Arizona border. Authorities recently discovered such weapon in the town of Agua Prieta, right across the border.

The Mexican authorities during a recent search found an enormous bazooka which was used to shoot bundles of drugs across the border into Arizona.

The bazooka was made more powerful by technology to use a compressor so it can shoot the packages high over the fence.

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