MeToo Supporter Kamala Completely Silent on Mounting Cuomo Sexual Harassment Allegations


Less than two months after being installed as vice president, Kamala Harris’ contrived image as a champion for women is crumbling — and what’s beneath the surface should be a sobering wakeup call for all Americans.

While the sexual harassment scandal of New York’s Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo snowballs as new accusers pile up, Harris still hasn’t said a single word to condemn or even acknowledge the incident.

Her silence is especially deafening because many liberal women consider her a role model of female empowerment.

Other top Democrats, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, both issued statements offering their support for the accusers.

Meanwhile, Harris is nowhere to be seen (or heard). All she had to do was have her PR team issue a boilerplate statement, and she didn’t even do that.

Her deafening silence as the Cuomo scandal erupts is especially shocking because Harris shot to fame in 2017 (when she was a little-known junior senator) by viciously attacking Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his televised Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

At the time, Kavanaugh was being smeared with dubious, 11th hour sexual misconduct claims dating back to his high school days. Despite the lack of credible, contemporaneous claims, Harris immediately sided with Kavanaugh’s accusers in a naked bid to derail his confirmation.

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