Melania’s Christmas Selfie is Making Waves. Look Closely and See if You Can Tell Why…


First Lady Melania Trump can’t seem to do even the most mundane of things without getting liberals all riled up.

Sending Christmas pictures and selfies is something everyone does. It’s about as “average joe” as one can get.

And yet, when Melania does it, liberals call it “tacky” and a show-off move for her rich friends.

Those were but a few of the responses to the First Lady’s Christmas selfie posted to Twitter:

Now, those of us with half a brain can figure out that all the haters are likely just jealous.

The First Lady looks amazing and elegant in this shot, as she usually does. More than that, she’s being playful, connecting with average Americans by doing something that just about every American was doing on Christmas day.

And for that she’s criticized? For that they say she’s disgracing the office by being too beautiful?

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How many times did Michelle Obama ACTUALLY disgrace the office with not a peep from her liberal cheering section?

Source: Yahoo

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