Melania Visits Vegas Victim In Hospital, What He Did When She Asked Him Not To Stand o Injured Leg is Stunning!


President Trump and Melania spent a full day in Las Vegas to visit the victims of the Vegas shooting.

President Trump and Melania met with Thomas Gunderson, one of the survivors.

Melania entered the room and asked Thomas not to stand because he was badly injured.

Gunderson bravely stood and shook her hand. When President Trump entered the room, he immediately approached Thomas to shake his hand, saying, “Hey, this guy looks tough to me.” Thomas replied, “thank you so much, I appreciate it.”

Thomas Gunderson posted the following after Trump’s visit:

“I will never lie down when the President of this great country comes to shake my hand! There may be plenty of issues in this country but I will always respect my country, my president, and my flag. Shot in the leg or not, I will stand to show my President the respect he deserves!”


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