Melania Trump Wore a Giant White Hat, and Liberals Can’t Get Over It


Do liberals really have nothing better to do?

Melania Trump is a fashionista. So, when hosting world leaders, she likes to go all out. I think most Americans probably appreciate that following either years of the far-less-graceful Michelle Obama.

But leave it to Trump’s liberal detractors to look for any little detail with which to smear this stunning First Lady.

This time around, it was the wide-brimmed white hat Melania wore when receiving French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, First Lady Brigette Macron.

The Twitter reactions from liberals were just silly:

Now, the really ridiculous thing is that a major media outlet like Time Magazine took time to actually report on the Twitter reactions to Melania’s hat.


They have nothing better to report on than what whiney liberals think of the First Lady’s choice in headwear?

Of course, these are the same media outlets that gushed over Michelle Obama’s man-arms when she went sleeveless, so I guess we should expect as much.

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