Melania Trump Breaks Her Silence on What Happened in Charlottesville


First Lady Melania Trump has finally spoke out on the violent confrontation between the alt-right and hard left in Charlottesville.

And, very predictably, liberals have no interest in what she’s got to say.

Everyone was laser-focused on how President Trump would respond to Charlottesville. But just as interesting is what Melania would say when she finally broke her silence.

After all, the First Lady is herself an immigrant to this country, someone who came to live the “American Dream” and taste our freedoms.

And her response to Charlottesville was to try to get everyone back on track with that dream:

Wrote the First Lady:

“Our country encourages freedom of speech, but let’s communicate w/o hate in our hearts. No good comes from violence.”

She didn’t try to lay any blame, she didn’t lash out at anyone. She pleaded with both sides to see reason and act like Americans.

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It was the kind of measured response from a true leader that we NEVER got from Michelle Obama, who was always too eager to start slinging mud herself.

Sadly, all Melania’s tweet served to do was further expose just how much the hard left DOESN’T want unity and reasoned debate.

The First Lady was met by a shameful wave of hate-filled tweets blaming her husband for all the country’s problems, despite the fact that they’ve been festering since long before he took the White House.

Is there any hope of civil dialogue when even someone as graceful Melania Trump can’t get through to the left?

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H/T Patriot Journal

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