Melania Has Had ENOUGH, Issues TERRIFYING Warning to Sharia Law Muslims


First Lady Melania Trump is her husband’s match when it comes to toughness.

And that should have America’s enemies, and the enemies of freedom everywhere, shaking in their boots.

To mark International Women of Courage day, Melania took aim at Muslims everywhere who insist on enforcing strict Sharia Law.

Particularly those parts of Sharia Law that permit the abuse of women.

Of the 13 women Melania chose to honor on that day, most of them were conspicuously from Muslim-majority countries. And all had been abused under Sharia Law.

Let this serve as a warning that the days of turning a blind eye to this kind of abuse – which characterized Barack Obama’s presidency – are OVER.

This should also be a MUST SEE for feminists in America.

If you really want to make the world a better place for women, start with the places where they are suffering most.

H/T Tea Party

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