Melania Caught Stealing Something Valuable From Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton must be fuming after First Lady Melania Trump was caught stealing something of great value to her.

Clinton has lost a lot while trying to leverage her husband’s presidency to catapult herself to the highest office in the land.

But she’s always held tight to the notion that most Americans love her (we don’t).

That supposed support is what gives Clinton the strength to keep at her vain attempts to become the first female president.

Well, according to a new Fox News poll, it turns out Melania Trump is actually more popular than Hillary Clinton!

The one thing Clinton thought she still had, and Melania TAKES IT FROM HER.

The survey revealed that six months into Trump’s presidency, Melania enjoys an approval rating of 51 percent.

Clinton, by contrast, was approved by just 49 percent of Americans during her husband’s first year in office.

Now, Melania’s approval ratings are not yet at the level enjoyed by Michelle Obama during her first year in the White House. But they are rising FAST.

A year ago, when Trump was still on the campaign trail, polls showed that just 28 percent of Americans liked her, the lowest approval ratings for a potential First Lady ever.

Liberals loved that. They thought that at the very least, if Trump won the election, no one would like his wife, and that would reflect poorly on him.

Imagine their frustration now that most Americans have gotten to know Melania and are absolutely in love with our elegant and classy First Lady!

H/T Conservative Fighters

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