Melania Already Outperforming Michelle, Look What Happened to Melania’s Staff Costs!


President Donald Trump has many ideas on how to cut costs that came together with the White House with the latest one being his wife’s office employees.

Melania Trump has so far found her chief of staff and a social secretary that will take care of her ventures and events in the future.

However, other first ladies, including Michelle Obama, have composed their team long before their husbands were inaugurated.

“I am putting together a professional and highly experienced team, which will take time to do properly,” Melania Trump stated. On his first day in office, Trump implemented a hiring freeze for the entire federal government except the military to make good on a campaign pledge to save taxpayers money.

Donald trump is making an effort to save the country some money, that mostly comes from taxpayers. He only allowed for the military to employ staffers if needed.

Three people, who are not allowed to discuss the matter in details but are observing the entire situation, are saying that until now the White House jobs held 400-450 positions, a number that Trump plans on deducting.

There is still no official statement from the White House, although Sean Spicer stated that Trump will consider every option before making this decision final.

ow, as a First Lady, Melania will mostly focus on stopping cyberbullying- a plan that is yet to be put into practice.

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