Mel Gibson’s Hidden Agenda REVEALED, and Hollywood is LOSING ITS MIND


Actor and director Mel Gibson has been somewhat sidelined for the past decade after he made anti-Semitic remarks while intoxicated.

But Gibson didn’t let that episode keep him down, and quietly moved forward with a project that now has the jaw of every Hollywood liberal hitting the floor.

The Blaze reports:

Actor and director Mel Gibson has been quietly aiding Holocaust survivors for several years.

The “Hacksaw Ridge” director has been working with the Survivor Mitzvah Project to provide “emergency aid to Holocaust survivors in eastern Europe who are in desperate need of food, medicine, heat and shelter” as well as “friendship and hope,” Zane Buzby, founder of the charity, told Extra last week.

“The goal of the Survivor Mitzvah Project,” Buzby said, “is to make sure that no Holocaust survivor who has endured the darkest days of human history will ever be hungry again or suffer or be forgotten or neglected.”

Last year, Gibson lamented that a single “unfortunate” incident in the back of a police car while intoxicated had come to characterize him in the eyes of so many.

He said at the time:

“I’ve never discriminated against anyone or done anything that sort of supports that reputation. And for one episode in the back of a police car, on eight double tequilas, to sort of dictate all the work, life’s work, and beliefs and everything else that I have and maintain for my life is really unfair.”

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What do you think? Has Mel Gibson made amends? Should he be remembered for all his work as an actor and philanthropist, or a guy who once said something bad about the Jewish people?

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